The Naked Truth About Hairless Rats

Although a wee bit more delicate, hairless rats make wonderful pets too!

The Naked Truth About Hairless RatsGiven their ability to look incredibly tiny in comparison to their furred counterparts, hairless rats can be an intimidating species for pet owners to wrap their mind around. Their diminutive form, coupled with rumors that they are oftentimes hard to handle and completely different than the typical furred rat, leads people to believe that they are not necessarily the best pet. Wrong! While they may require a bit more care and tending to than the commonplace fancy rat, hairless rats are every bit as endearing as the furred rats we all know and love. As long as you are fully aware of their needs, wants and desires, hairless rats can thrive under your watchful eye and lead the healthy life they deserve!

For the full article, pick up the 2011 issue of Critters USA or click here to buy the issue.

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