The Internet Was Invented To Bring You Corgi Puppies Running In Slow-Mo

You've never needed to watch anything more than you need to watch Corgi puppies running in slow motion.

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What could be cuter than Corgi puppies running? Corgi puppies running in slow motion.

Even if you weren’t alive when “Chariots of Fire” came out in theaters or on VHS (heck, even if you weren’t alive during the VHS era), surely you know the movie’s famous slow-mo “running on the beach” scene, set to the synth-tastic theme song by Vangelis. Those images — and that music — are synonymous with struggling to overcome obstacles, reaching your potential and fighting for glory. Or at least it was until you saw this YouTube video of Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies running in slow motion, their little bodies sprawling to the ground and stumbling into each other.

Via Goro@Welsh corgi/YouTube

Oops! So close. Via Goro@Welsh corgi/YouTube

In this inspiring, powerful clip (OK, by “powerful” we mean it’s going to make you squeal out loud) posted by Goro@Welsh corgi, several puppies try to conquer their own clumsiness, figure out how their legs work and — in one especially moving sequence — try to run up a set of tiny grass-covered stairs. Even better, the entire three minutes is set to an equally compelling piece of music, Bill Conti’s “Going the Distance” from the original “Rocky” movie.

The next time you’re trying to power through your own set of challenges, think about these little pups, valiantly fighting to stay upright on their own miniature legs. Sorry, “Chariots of Fire” guys, but Corgis always win.

Here’s the part where you clap your hands out of sheer delight.

And here’s the part where you catch yourself putting your face closer to the screen.

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