The Internet Is Going Crazy For #BirdCelebs

Steven Hawking. Geese Witherspoon. Matthey Macaw-naughey. Check out the highlights of this new hashtag craze.

BirdChannel is no stranger to bird heads being placed on people? bodies. (Our club members do that all the time.) But now it? become the latest Internet craze, with people smashing bird heads on celebrity bodies. 

So how did this start? According to

“The Twitter trend #birdcelebs kicked off Wednesday night when the Comedy Central show @midnight played a verbal round of mash-up.?lt;/span> 

You can watch the clip that started it all here:

Some of the ones we’ve seen have been awesome. Check out some of the highlights:







#HashtagWarArt: Mathew MACAW-naughey #BirdCelebs

A photo posted by @Midnight (@atmidnightcc) on


Samantha Meyers, editor of our sister site, DogChannel, wanted to get on the fun. She created PenGwenyth Paltrow:


Which celebrity would you mash with a bird? Let us know in the comments. 

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