The Instagram Account Cat Lovers Must Immediately Start Following

Adventure Cats is exactly what you think: cats (and their humans) having adventures. And it’s fantastic.

The biggest adventure my cats ever took was from one sleeping spot to another. Or perhaps the vet, though I doubt any of them would consider a trip to the veterinarian an adventure (at least not a fun one). Most exciting cat adventures only exist for the felines of the cartoon variety (think Tom, Sylvester, Heathcliff, Top Cat, et cetera).

But now, with leashes and harnesses and little kitty strollers and the like, real-life cats are having real-life adventures. There’s an Instagram page to prove it.

To see more cat adventures, visit the Adventure Cats Instagram page.

How adventurous is your cat? Does he or she love the outdoors? Post a photo on the Cat Fancy Facebook page of your cat’s most adventurous side (even if your feline’s idea of adventure is walking to the food bowl).

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