The Illustration Every Cat Parent Must Have Displayed in Their Home

Artist Lili Chin explains through drawings just exactly what our cats are telling us.

Sometimes we just can’t figure out cats out. They meow and we think they want food (let’s face it; most of the time that’s the case), but then they sniff it and walk away. We have to decipher their meows, mews and purrs and sometimes we fail. Oftentimes we try to figure out what they want based on past experience or secret Fanglish dictionaries.

But now we have another option. Lili Chin is an artist and animator based out of Los Angeles and she created the cat language poster – one, by the way, that everyone who has a cat should get and put on their fridge, in their office or even right above the cat’s favorite spot. The poster explains cat body language thanks to the help of the Training and Behavior Department of the Oregon Humane Society, Chin’s blog states.

The illustration is cute and clever, and will likely come in handy, if not for cat parents, then for those without cats who visit.

Is this something you’d put in your home?

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