The Hottest Doggie Must Haves from SuperZoo

These fancy finds will be on your must have list for sure!

When you think of Las Vegas, slot machines and showgirls may be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s also the home of SuperZoo, one of the largest pet product showcases in the industry. And if you’re going to gamble, better to throw your money at something you and your dog are bound to love. 

We walked for miles, saw every dog product imaginable, made lots of new doggie friends and came up with our picks for the best new products of 2015. 

Friendship Collar 

Re-live your childhood days of friendship bracelets with your one true BFF – your dog. You and your dog can show off your mutual love for each other with an awesome collar and bracelet set. Yes- one for you and one for your dog!

Friendship Collar


As if the idea alone isn’t enough to make you buy 10, they come in a variety of trendy patterns that will make any fashionista swoon. Move over dog bones, plaid and polka dots are just what the doggie ordered. 

We love that you can show off your friendship and your style with these attention grabbing pieces! 

Get one of your own!  

Multi Collar

Is your house brimming with dog collars and leashes to match every outfit and mood? Or maybe your dog quickly dirties his collar when out on adventures? If either of these sound familiar, than this is for you.  

Start with a basic collar and leash and customize it on a whim with a variety of interchangeable covers. The fact that we could change our look so easily, seemed to good to be true, so we tried it out ourselves. In less time than it takes us to get a collar on our dog, we had switched out collar covers to match the day’s look. 

Multi Collar


We love that the covers are smaller and priced accordingly, since they don’t have the buckles and clasps involved. Now we don’t have to be seen wearing the same thing everyday. Great for our wallet and our storage problems and not bad for our street rep either.

Lear more at 

Dog Backpack from OutwardHound

Just in time for back to school shopping, your dog can be to be the coolest kid at school.. er…drool! He may not need to pack a book, but he can carry his weight on a walk with these adorable backpacks from OutwardHound.

Outward hound 


Doggie backpacks may not be a new idea, but we love that these are made with our smaller and more urban doggie friends in mind. From unicorns to pirates the adorable designs are sure to turn heads at the dog park. 

Not available in stores yet, keep your eyes peeled for this doggone must have! 

Beer and Pumpkin Biscuits

You had us at pumpkin and beer. If they label didn’t say dog treats, there is a good chance we would eat these ourselves. Let’s be honest, we may have already eaten one.

Beer and Pumpkin dog biscuits


But before you get out your doggies ID to make sure he is 21 in human years, we should mention that Portland pet food beer treats are made not with beer, but with local spent grains from local breweries. The company uses local and sustainable products to make their doggie delights. And who doesn’t love that?

Learn more at 

Spunky Pup Dog Toys

These toys certainly are spunky! From neon colors to funky shapes, these dog toys are easy to see and easy to love. While it’s hard to find a dog toy concept we haven’t seen, we love the way these toys present doggie fun in a brand new way. Glowing balls and funny fruit shaped treat hiding toys are just as much fun for you as your dog. 

Dog toys Dog toys 

See more of Spunky Pup’s “bright” ideas at

Go Dog Toys

We’re always looking for toys that are built to last and we love to see touch toys that don’t look too tough. With a Bulldog in the house, we often end up with a lot of sturdy toys in black and red and look for shapes without limbs, but Go Dog offers toys in bright colors and fun shapes that are easy to see and tough to tear. 


From Wacky-Bounce Balls to Sling Shot Dragons we had just as much fun playing with the toys as your dog will.

Check out these and more at 

Zip n’ Dri

Drying the dog after a bath is not high on our list of favorite activities; multiple towels later we are wetter than the dog and the dog isn’t exactly dry either. After wrapping the dog in a towel burrito we brace ourselves for the many wet shakes and escape attempts that follow. After dog and human both have had enough we let our dog towel-taco loose in the house and hope for the best. Spoiler alert: It never ends well.  

zip n dri 

Enter the Zip n’Dri – a bath snuggie for dogs. A perfect solution for your soggy-doggie, the Zip n’ Dri is an absorbent towel you can zip your dog into. Yes you can contain the wet dog into a towel from which he cannot escape. The good news for your dog: he can sit, stand, shake or even take a nap in his cozy towel device. The good news for you, unlike Taylor Swift, he can’t “Shake it Off.”

Get more info on the Zip n’ Dri at

Which of these products is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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