The Happiest Cat on the Block

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, shares ideas for keeping your cat happy.

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Q: What makes a cat happy?

A: Good question and one that cat lovers have been pondering forever. Our feline friends certainly let us know when they are unhappy by hiding, being aggressive or not using the litterbox. Please note that inappropriate elimination can also be health-related so if it continues, call your vet.

Happiness to some cats might be a sunny spot to snooze in or a big window for bird-watching. My cat Lester loves to watch the fish in my eight-gallon fish tank, which has a very secure lid (as in “no swimming allowed”). The fish know when he is there and actually swim over to where he sits as he gently paws that side of the tank. They must share some sort of enjoyable inter-species psychic connection. Meanwhile, he’s happy and it’s fun to watch.

Cats like to feel safe and secure in a warm, cozy and quiet spot they can call their own. I think most cats would define happy as a clean litterbox, fresh yummy food, pet-appropriate edible treats, fun toys and a loving owner to pet and cuddle them. If you have the room in your home, a large carpeted cat tree house with various levels provides plenty of opportunity for climbing, napping, scratching and gives a bored cat the chance to exercise.

Two cats in your household can also be a recipe for feline happiness. Lester and his big brother Roscoe play together all the time, chasing toys, and each other, from room to room. It’s obvious Lester idolizes Roscoe and is always on the lookout for what he is doing and where. Fortunately Roscoe is very game. I am happy they have each other and it’s quite a floor show at times. Whenever a toy slides under the couch I get down on my hands and knees to find, with them waiting anxiously nearby. Most of the time I discover a treasure trove of toys hidden under there so they get an added bonus.

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As with most of us the secret to happiness is care and love. Give your kitties plenty and they will be happy and give back much more to you. As always I welcome your stories and comments.

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