The Guinea Pig Who Fathered 400

A misplaced guinea pig finds himself among a herd of females and does what guinea pigs will do.

It’s a story that might have made Valentino blush. A lone male guinea pig has impregnated 100 female guinea pigs. It happened in Warwickshire, England, southeast of Birmingham, at Hatton Country World, which bills itself as a family destination that has shops, play areas, camping and more. Guinea Pig Village is one of the attractions at the Farm Park, and it includes a herd of more than 200 guinea pigs.

The cute cavies are usually separated by sex, but one intrepid male somehow got into the female enclosure a few weeks ago. Richard Craddock, manager at Hatton Country World, told MailOnline that they do not know if the male broke into or was accidentally placed into the female-only enclosure by a guest. All that’s known for sure is that 100 female guinea pigs are now pregnant.

Guinea pigs have litters ranging from 1 to 13 pups, but the average litter has 2 to 4 pups. With 100 pregnant guinea pigs, the Farm Park is looking at more than 400 baby guinea pigs arriving in less than 60 to 70 days. Guinea Pig Village is about to be very busy.

Baby guinea pigs are born fully furred and their eyes are open. They can stand within a few hours after birth and are weaned at about 3 weeks of age.

Guinea pigs are not obviously sexually dimorphic and sexing requires turning them over, so it’s no surprise that a male could have blended into the female herd for awhile. Staff at the Farm Park have nicknamed the male guinea pig Randy.

Craddock said all the pregnant females appear healthy and Hatton Country World has the space to take care of the increased guinea pig population. Now it only needs to find a surefire way to keep Randy, or any other amorous male guinea pig, away from the female guinea pigs in the future.

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