The Greatest Pet Expo on Earth

It's always fun attending Global Pet Expo and seeing the latest cat products.

I am getting ready to pack my bags again. This time my destination is Orlando, Fla., to attend the Global Pet Expo, which is the largest pet expo in America.
Last year, 4,000 new products were introduced! The new ideas and inventions never cease to amaze me. Just when you think everything has been made, there’s something new. So naturally I am looking forward to seeing what’s going to be unveiled this year.

The best part about a pet expo is that people bring their pets and the whole atmosphere is very casual and lots of fun.

People who were previously involved in other industries but have crossed over into the pet world always remark on this.  Other industry shows are far more formal. A pet expo is more like a carnival with dogs rushing around chasing Frisbees, cats doing what they do best — snoozing and demonstrating the latest cat beds. I’ve even seen people walking around with birds on their shoulder. The pets that attend always have a fabulous time because they get to taste test all the latest treats and play with the newest toys.

The expo is so huge it’s a great workout as it involves lots of walking. Consequently it’s a very busy three days for me; otherwise I would love to take Fudge along.

From her perspective, she would probably much rather stay home because she knows I always bring back interesting things for her and the test team to try out anyway.

So watch this space.

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