The Great Tank Crash of 2013

First order of business? Clean the bioload out of this tank. . . literally.

My tank is in a serious state of neglect. The holidays were a busy time and now that we’ve rounded the corner on the New Year and things have settled down, I’ve had an opportunity to give my tank more than a passing glance.  Things I did not place in the tank are growing with alarming zeal. The xenia, which was a tiny little sprig when I placed it, is growing like a beautiful pink field of wildflowers. 

When I see the xenia overtaking the tank I think of Dorothy running through a field of poppies on her way to Oz. There are that many of them.  The fish seem to be doing okay, the coral? Not so much. The softies are still hanging in there but the hard coral is probably not going to make it. It’s hard to predict which coral will survive The Great Tank Crash of 2013 because coral are zombies. They always come back. 

The first action item on my list of bringing the tank back is to clean the crap out of it. I’m not trying to mini-curse, I’m being totally serious. Bioload needs to be addressed, algae needs to be addressed, and glass anemone need to be addressed.  The tank is a mess, a hot mess. I’ll chronicle my efforts to restore my tank to its former glory and reenter the world of saltwater aquarists. Wish me luck and try not to judge my neglect. Okay, go ahead and judge the neglect, I’ve earned it.

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