The Great Escape Artist

I take care of Yoda, a senior Shiba Inu, on a regular basis. Yoda has many of the characteristics included in the breed standard for a Shiba Inu, including “quicksilver agility” and “legendary cunning.” Yoda can turn on a dime and has the ability to climb fences.

About a month and a half ago, I got an e-mail notifying me of Yoda’s escape. Apparently she had once again climbed the fence to her yard and run off in search of adventure. Considering that Yoda is now about 14 years old, I was very surprised to hear that she had made another escape. The last time she escaped was about two years ago when one of my co-workers was pet sitting for her.

I was very worried about Yoda since she does not wear a collar or ID tag. However, her owner has had Yoda microchipped. That chip saved the day. Only a day after her disappearance, Yoda’s owner was contacted by the local animal shelter. They had Yoda and she was safe.

I’m taking care of Yoda for five nights starting Sunday and will be hypervigilant about making sure the gates are closed and any opportunities for climbing out of the yard are nullified. I haven’t lost a pet yet, and I don’t want to start with Miss Yoda. I prefer it when she curls up next to me in bed, even though she snores a little!

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