The Good Samaritans

As someone who is totally immersed in the world of pets, I often hear stories from people about cats and dogs. They know I can identify with the situation and that I have a genuine interest in pets, so they share with me.

Recently a friend from work, Nikki, shared a particularly interesting story with me. Nikki and a friend were driving on a busy canyon highway on their way to go rock climbing. All of a sudden, they came upon several cars stopped in front of them. They slowed down and saw a Yorkshire Terrier running down the middle of the road like crazy.

Nikki joined several of the other cars in trying to corral the Yorkie before any harm could come to it. This parade of cars followed the dog down the road for about a mile, and the Yorkie showed no signs of slowing down. Nikki then tried to get her car in front of the Yorkie, stopped the car and tried to catch the dog.

The Yorkie did an about-face, and one of the other good Samaritans opened the door to her Mercedes and the dog jumped in. Even though there were a couple of close calls in the process, no person, car or Yorkie was harmed in the rescue attempt.

After the rescue, Nikki and her friend surmised that the owner of the Mercedes was the dog’s owner and was also trying to reclaim the dog. Their best guess was that the dog jumped out the window while her owner was driving the canyon road.

Luckily, this story had a happy ending. Please be aware when you are driving, especially with the windows down, that dogs can jump out. Keep your dog restrained while driving. This Yorkie was one lucky terrier!

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