The Goldfish Art of Hidetomo Kimura

Kimura celebrates fishkeeping with his eclectic artistic creations.

The Japanese often have certain art tastes of what some may consider to be peculiar. Edo- the coolness of goldfish, highlights that certain bizarre yet beautiful art works with goldfish as the central theme from Japanese artist Hidetomo Kimura. From an aquarium that celebrates the kimono to parrot cichlid bowls that resemble a tiered cake, to a presentation that showcases the changing of the seasons, Edo offers up some interesting aquarium fish-themed creations. According to CNN, Edo first took place in 2011 to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Nihonbashi Bridge.

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Goldfish Bowl History


Kimura’ 2013 exhibit features 5,000 goldfish and other fish in 17 installations that use 70 aquariums. They use light displays and also showcase Japanese kimonos, folding screens and lanterns.

To view more of these goldfish-themed art creations, visit the Nihonbashi web page here.

Check the video to see Hidetomo Kimura’s Edo artwork.


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