The Funny Side Of African Grey Parrots

So we put a callout to African grey owners on our forum, asking for strange behaviors they see in their birds for an article in BIRD TALK magazine’s September 2009 issue. Some of the responses are hilarious. The cover blurb says it all: “Quirky, geeky & Just Plain StrangeAfrican Greys.”)

Some people are intimidated by greys because they are so intelligent and acutely aware of their environment. They interpret the grey’s intense stare as, “I’ve got you figured out, silly human.” For those who feel this way, I urge you to check out the article. To give you a sneak speak, here’s one of my favorites: “My CAG, Beau, has two quirks. He likes to listen to himself talk when he has his head in his bowl. I guess he likes the echo. Whenever there are beans of any kind in his veggie mix, I will find his bowl empty except for all of the beans which will be lined up in the bottom of the bowl.”

 Obviously, there’s more on an African grey’s mind than psycho-analyzing you.

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