The French Connection

Watchdog, bunny-chaser, fond friend: Introducing the original, individual French Bulldog.

Every afternoon, a dog keeps solemn watch at the window of Jan G.’s home in Kansas, ears perked as she listens intently for the approaching enemy. The rumble of a truck, the flash of a uniform — be it postal worker, UPS man, or FedEx driver — and this muscular canine leaps into action as fierce household protector. Is it a German Shepherd Dog, a Rottweiler, a Doberman Pinscher? No, it’s 4-year-old Carma, French Bulldog and super-watchdog.

“Carma only weighs 20 pounds, but she sounds like a big, vicious beast and sets up such a ferocious din it would scare anybody away,” laughs Jan, president of the French Bull Dog Club of America. “It’s actually kind of good, because she’s my alarm system. Then she carries on like a crazy thing until they leave and her job’s done.”

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