The Flying Ace Will Take to the San Diego Skies this Weekend

Look out Red Baron! Snoopy is flying high to a sky near Comic Con, thanks to some creative engineers.

If you are attending the San Diego Comic-Con this year, rest assured there will be a lot to see. But if you are a dog lover and you want to see a familiar face, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the skies. If you are lucky you just might catch a glimpse of Snoopy flying around on his World War I Flying Ace!


Inspired by the upcoming 3D version of Snoopy in the trailer forThe Peanuts Movie, to be released in theaters this November, R/C builder Otto Dieffenbach built this custom radio-controlled quadcopter specifically for display at Comic-Con this year. Complete with flight goggles and long red scarf, Snoopy is completely life like as he sits on top of his red doghouse while it glides through the air. He can even turn his head from left to right!


Snoopy prepares for comic con with Otto Dieffenbach 

Photo from Otto Dieffenbach 


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