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I am pleased and honored to have the Fish Biz Buzz" industry blog here on

I am pleased and honored to have the “Fish Biz Buzz” blog here on Some of you may already know me from my work in Aquarium Fish International, and others may know me as a moderator on the FishChannel Forums. For everyone else, please allow me to introduce myself.

My background and experience with fish goes way back, starting when I was a kid growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the 1960s. My parents’ friends gave me a 10-gallon tank for my 12th birthday, complete with a pair of black mollies. Two days later, there were babies at the top of the tank – and two days after that everything in the tank died. That really ticked me off, and since then I have been hooked on figuring out how to keep fish alive in glass boxes.

In 1970, I started my first fish store in Cambridge, Mass., eventually building up to having four stores and a wholesale importing and distribution business. For a brief portion of my life, I had a mechanical contracting and energy-conservation business, but I have always had fish. After a few years, I realized it was silly sitting in front of a computer during the week to earn enough money so I could play with fish at night and on weekends. So, fifteen years ago I decided to spend all my time playing with fish (my wife has a good steady job – and the health insurance). I have managed to cobble together a living by writing for BowTie Inc. publications, such as Aquarium Fish International and Pet Product News International, and consulting to some folks in the fish industry.

In this blog, I will be concentrating on what I know best, which are the nuts and bolts of handling fish at the wholesale and retail levels. I have a small fish wholesale business in eastern New England, and, in addition, I am “the fish guy” for NexPet, the co-op for independent pet retailers. I handle lots of fish every week, and I am pretty well attuned to the problems the retail pet store has in buying, keeping and selling fish. I hope you will find my musing interesting and informative.

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