Ferret PAC Forms To Push Ferret Legalization In California

Ferret lovers have organized in an effort to make ferrets legal to keep in the Golden State.

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Ferrets are legal in 48 states but not in California. These folks hope to change the law. Via Legalize Ferrets
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Most pet stores in California usually carry products for ferrets, the seemingly lovable, inquisitive, cuddly critters who are content with humans. One problem: Ferrets are illegal to keep in California (and Hawaii) and have been since 1933 when they were deemed an exotic animal that could harm native species.

Past efforts to make the animal legal to own in California failed to gain any traction. Things, however, might begin to change as a group of folks who love ferrets have formed a political action committee in an effort to push legislators in the state to introduce a bill that would legalize ferrets, The Bakersfield Californian reports.

The Ferret PAC is on the hunt for what it calls the “top ten pro-ferret candidates” who can further the PAC’s goal to legalize the ferret as a pet in the state. (In the 48 other states of the union, they are perfectly legal pets.)

Ferrets may just become legal, if a PAC is successful in changing the law. Via Aurélien Mora/Wikipedia

Ferrets may just become legal, if a PAC is successful in changing the law. Via Aurélien Mora/Wikipedia

“We’ll jointly select the top ten candidates and donate $250 each and try to buy a little influence on our own,” Pat Wright, a ferret advocate who keeps three ferrets in his La Mesa California home, wrote on the LegalizeFerrets website announcing the formation of the PAC. “And if that doesn’t work we’ll be back with another petition campaign — done much differently that our earlier attempt.”

These ferret-lovers are doing what it takes to curry favor in California’s halls of power, just like any special interest group in the state. In February, they sent 9,545 signatures to state Assemblyman Marc Levine’s (D-Marin County) office in hopes of a getting a meeting with him. They apparently haven’t heard back yet.

Will we see the legalization of these critters in California soon? Time will tell, but for now, head over to legalizeferrets.org for more information on the efforts to make the ferret a legal pet in the state.

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