The Feline Network

Social networking sites bring cat lovers together.

Recently, my cat, Fudge, took part in a one-of-a-kind project as a feline videographer to make the first movie ever filmed by cats. The movie’s release was given Hollywood red carpet treatment and, apart from being shown in cinemas around the country, has been a huge hit on YouTube with more than 1.5 million viewers and counting. She subsequently made another film for, as well.

One of Fudge’s fellow cinematographers was a cat named Gizmo, who, when his owners discovered him flushing the toilet and watching the water disappear, then flushing again, filmed his antics and also posted the video on YouTube. To date, this video has had more than 5 million hits.

Both Fudge’s cinematic debut and Gizmo’s frolics have been such huge hits because of cat lovers tweeting about them and posting messages to Facebook and other social media sites.

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