The DogChannel Newswire (4-5-11)

Top stories: Poll reveals most Americans believe all dogs are safe if well trained; happy hour for dogs; and other news.

Poll: Most Americans Believe All Dogs are Safe if Well Trained
Some dog breeds are considered truly dangerous by 28 percent of American pet owners, but an Associated poll found that 71 percent said any breed can be safe if the dogs are well trained, the Associated Press reports.
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Cheers! Happy Hour for Dogs  
No need to leave your best friend at home when you head out for happy hour. Beginning April 7 through June 2, you can bring your dog along to “Canine Cocktails” at Atlanta’s Hotel Indigo, Midtown Patch reports.
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Though Often Overlooked, Older Dogs May be Better Adoption Choice
While puppies are appealing to families, adopting an older dog can make more sense. Shelter experts say it’s unfortunate that older dogs are so often overlooked for younger dogs, since in many cases prospective pet owners are not actually well-suited to the demands of raising and training a puppy, New York Daily News reports.
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Dogs in Britain Enjoy Rise in Popularity
For years, dogs have been chasing cats. And now they are finally overtaking them. New figures show the number of dogs is at an all-time high and is on course to end feline supremacy, The Telegraph reports.
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