The DogChannel Newswire (4-26-11)

Top stories: On the rise: diabetes in U.S. Dogs, Cats; Wisconsin to begin pet store regulations; and other news.

On the Rise: Diabetes in U.S. Dogs, Cats
Diabetes is on the rise — but humans aren’t the only ones suffering. Diabetes diagnoses are rising at an even faster rate among dogs and cats than their human companions, according to a national analysis of pet health released Tuesday, Chattanooga Times Free Press reports.
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Wisconsin to Begin Pet Store Regulations
Pet stores will have to be licensed by the state starting on June 1. The new regulations are being put in place to protect pets and their owners, Channel 3000 reports.
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Puppies Found in Abandoned Home Await Adoption
After finding 10 dogs inside an abandoned home, a real estate agent has committed to going to the home three times a day to make sure these dogs have the necessities to live, reports.
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Prevent Parvo, Keep Dog Vaccinations Up-To-Date
The most common serious infectious disease for dogs in this country is canine parvovirus. Keeping your dog’s vaccinations up to date will prevent parvo, Stoughton Patch reports.
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