The DogChannel Newswire (4-19-11)

Top stories: Alarming number of Shar-Pei require plastic surgery; news crew finds puppy after Tushka tornado; and other news.

Eight Out of 10 Chinese Shar-Pei Require Plastic Surgery
Almost all Shar-Pei bred in Australia are forced to have plastic surgery to save their sight. While other animal breeds suffer genetic conditions needing surgical correction, none is beset with the high rate of eye disorders that afflict the Shar-Pei, Herald Sun reports.
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News Crew Finds Puppy After Tushka Tornado
A lost puppy is one of the many victims of the deadly tornado in Tushka. The dog wandered up to a News 9 crew during a live shot Thursday morning at a destroyed school, reports.
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Dog’s Death Stirs Petition for Small-Dog Park
More than a year has passed since horrified onlookers watched as a large bull Mastiff ambushed Lola, a tiny Havanese, and mauled her to death at the Amazon Dog Park. Lola’s owner, Renee Hart, and some other small-dog fanciers have petitioned the city of Eugene to build a space just for doggie lightweights, The Register-Guard reports.
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Firefighter Performs CPR on Dog, Puppy
A puppy and dog pulled from a fire in Bucktown Friday were brought “back to life’’ after a firefighter performed CPR on both, Chicago Sun-Times reports.

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