The DogChannel Newswire (4-12-11)

Top stories: Bulldogs put on Delta no-fly list; 8 million mummified puppies discovered in Egypt; and other news.

Bulldogs Put on Delta No-Fly List
Delta Air Lines has put Bulldogs on its no-fly list, a move welcomed by animal advocates after a string of deaths involving the breed. Of the 16 pets that died on Delta flights in 2010, six were bulldogs, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.
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8 Million Mummified Puppies Discovered in Egypt
About 8 million mummified dogs lie in the ancient Dog Catacombs in Egypt, Toronto Star reports. “This isn’t some cruel, bloodthirsty mass ritual sacrifice,” said Dr. Paul Nicholson of Cardiff University. “This would have been a pious act.”
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Families, Puppies Give Back to Community
Kristin Martin and her family had just lost their dog when they began looking into Guiding Eyes for the Blind. They found volunteering to raise a Guiding Eyes puppy was the perfect way to fill that void while at the same time giving back to the community, Suffolk News-Herald reprots.
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Potty Training Puppies
House-training a puppy or young dog has always been the most challenging of training issues. The concept seems easy enough for us to understand — when one has to go, go outside. But to a dog, it’s not as easy to grasp, North Shore News reports.
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