The DogChannel Newswire (3-31-11)

Top stories: Lawmaker pushes to outlaw "debarking” of dogs, cats; city to review zoning law that prohibits four or more dogs and cats; and other news.

R.I. Lawmaker Says State Should Outlaw “Debarking” of Cats, Dogs
R.I. State Senate Majority Leader Dominick J. Ruggerio announced legislation Monday to prohibit so-called “debarking” surgery unless a veterinarian deems it medically necessary. It’s used by some breeders and pet owners as a way to deal with especially loud animals, The Boston Globe reports.
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Under Review: Zoning Law Prohibiting Four or More Cats and Dogs
Hundreds of Avon Lake, Ohio, families with four or more cats and dogs are in violation of the city’s kennel laws. The city must now decide if the zoning law that prohibits no more than three cats and dogs combined will remain intact, or be changed to accommodate households with more than the allowable number, Avon Lake Patch reports.
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Creating a Pet-Friendly Garden
Pets love exploring the outdoors, and gardens can be especially tempting for curious cats and dogs. So before letting them play in the yard, make sure that your lawn care habits are pet-friendly, reports The Boston Globe.
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Shelter Gives Hope to Animals
The days of abandoned, mangled, streetwise dogs and cats being chained up and hauled to the dreaded pound are long gone, reports The Tennessean.
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