The DogChannel Newswire (3-3-11)

Top stories: Moscow drops plan to remove stray dogs after outcry; dog rescuer found guilty in neglect case; and other news.

Moscow Drops Plan to Remove Stray Dogs After Outcry
Moscow’s thousands of stray dogs have something to wag their tails about — animal-rights activists say the city has dropped a plan to round up the dogs and ship them to a camp far outside of town. Animal-rights activists and Russian celebrities had been pressuring the city to abandon the plan, which they said would endanger the dogs by placing them in an environment where diseases would run rampant. Some had compared the planned facility to a concentration camp for dogs, reports The Associated Press.
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Dog Rescuer Found Guilty in Neglect Case
The longtime operator of a dog rescue organization was found guilty Tuesday of running an illegal kennel out of her Lakeside, Calif., home and failing to care for the more than 60 animals she was trying to adopt out, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.
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Palm Beach County Passes Animal Care, Sales Measures
Palm Beach County pet stores may soon have to tell customers more than just the price of the puppies and kittens in their windows. Animal control officials may also require them to post notices disclosing where each pet in their stores was born and bred. County commissioners on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a package regulating pet stores and guard dog companies, and banning pet owners from keeping dogs and cats tied outdoors. A final vote is set for March 15, reports the Palm Beach Post.
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Montana Bill Would Limit Large-Scale Dog-Breeding Operations
The clock is ticking for anyone in Montana with an opinion about large-scale dog breeding operations. On Thursday, House Bill 515 steps into the limelight at the agricultural committee as the bill is presented by its sponsor, Missoula Rep. Sue Malek, D-Missoula. Despite the bill’s long and cumbersome title, it has a simple mission: Stop unethical, inhumane large-scale commercial dog breeding, reports the Missoulian.
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