The DogChannel Newswire (3-29-11)

Top stories: Pets stranded in Japan await their own rescue; Florida man told he is too old to adopt puppies; and other news.

Pets Stranded in Japan Await Their Own Rescue
Their fur caked with mud, pet dogs trot forlornly in rubble-filled streets along Japan’s devastated coastline, foraging for scraps and searching for owners, reports the Associated Press.
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Florida Man Told He Is Too Old to Adopt Puppies
A South Florida senior citizen was denied the privilege of adopting two Chihuahua puppies from an animal rescue facility due to his ‘advanced’ age, reports
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Distemper Forces Miami-Dade Shelter to Close Doors
Unable to control a highly contagious canine virus, the county-run animal shelter is closing its doors to dogs and scrambling to find homes for the ones that remain, reports the Miami Herald.
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Home Cameras Foil Dog-Napping Caper
Police have collared two people who they say stole a puppy out of the owner’s backyard, reports the Middletown (Ohio) Journal.
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