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Top stories: Dog reunites with owners after mysterious 700-mile journey; service animals are multiplying like doggone rabbits; and other news.

Dog Reunites With Owners After Mysterious 700-Mile Journey
A dog that vanished from a Sacramento suburb was reunited with its owner after turning up more than 700 miles away, unharmed, in Washington state. The dog, a 2-year-old Patterdale Terrier named Bear, was last seen playing around the family construction business where its owner, 32-year-old Bryan Rapozo, works with his father. “Bryan is with Bear every day,” said his father, Bret Rapozo, 51. “It’s like his son. Everywhere Bryan goes, Bear’s with him.” He added, “He was very upset. He told me it’s like someone snatching up one of his kids,” reports the Los Angeles Times.
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Service Animals Are Multiplying Like Doggone Rabbits
Rhonda Kimmel’s 11-year-old West Highland Terrier, Maxx, goes with her everywhere — to the mall, restaurants and even to the bank. What gives Maxx entree to places normally off-limits to canines and other animals is the embroidered, purple vest he sports. It says: “Therapy Dog Maxx.” Maxx is a lot of things, including well-behaved, and he is a faithful companion. What he is not, however, is a therapy dog or a service dog, and Ms. Kimmel is not disabled. Still, Ms. Kimmel says the vest, which she purchased online, no questions asked, makes people think otherwise, so they don’t object to Maxx. “They know they are not supposed to ask,” Ms. Kimmel says, alluding to the federal law that protects people with service animals from inquiries about the nature of their disability, reports the Wall Street Journal.
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Puppy Lands at Vet After Travel Nightmare
Something could have happened during the trip from a Missouri breeding kennel to a loving home in South Jersey that left a little pup fighting for life. Little Acey’s trip from the kennel to the Hodgson family in Gloucester County wasn’t smooth thanks to weather delays. Acey, a Wheaten Terrier, was supposed to arrive around 2:30 Friday afternoon after a connecting flight through Atlanta. But after heavy winds delayed flights, Acey allegedly spent 13 hours bouncing from plane to plane while in her travel crate, reports NBC Philadelphia.
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Missing Diamond Ring Found Inside Puppy
Karen Woolley suspected that her 3-month-old Cocker Spaniel-cross pooch had eaten the 100-year-old diamond ring off a table in their home. She used a metal detector and found the family heirloom inside her puppy Barney. He was taken to a vet and had an operation to remove the ring, which was big enough to have killed him, reports The Daily (Sydney, Australia) Telegraph.
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