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Top stories: The world's most expensive dog breeds; when pets change the family dynamic; and other news.

The World’s Most Expensive Dog Breeds
There are a number of factors which make individual dogs expensive, including the purity of their breed, their rarity, and whether they are the offspring of a prize-winner. Several breeds have also gained notoriety for being owned by celebrities, reports The Telegraph.
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When Pets Change the Family Dynamic
A new pet can bring joy to a home, but it can also create tension and changes to the family dynamic, writes Benedict Carey in today’s special animal issue of Science Times, reports The New York Times.
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Puppy Killer Given Jail Sentence
A man has been jailed for nine months for attacking his girlfriend and stamping two puppies to death. Stuart Adams, 36, from Edinburgh, Scotland, pleaded guilty to assaulting Lorraine Hogg on Jan. 22y and to causing the 2-week-old dogs unnecessary suffering, reports BBC News.
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How to Own a Dog on a Tight Budget
She’d fallen in love and everywhere she turned reminded her of the object of her affection; tiny sweaters, bandanas and chew toys screamed, “buy me” from the shelf. It was then that Kaitee Tyner realized she was crazy about her sister’s puppy and wanted one of her own. There’s a lot to learn as a first-time dog owner — love is expensive, reports
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