The DogChannel Newswire (3-15-11)

Top stories: Dog walkers more likely to reach exercise goals; Boston inherits Italian estate - and pets; and other news.

Dog Walkers More Likely to Reach Exercise Benchmarks
Man’s best friend may provide more than just faithful companionship: A new study led by a Michigan State University researcher shows people who owned and walked their dogs were 34 percent more likely to meet federal benchmarks on physical activity, reports Michigan State News.
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Boston Inherits Italian Estate — and Pets
Boston officials said the city inherited a $700,000 estate in Italy with a condition that officials see to the care and feeding of the resident cats and dogs, reports
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Students Rally to Save Injured Puppy
A puppy that was injured after being hit by a car Wednesday morning at Will Rogers School has captured the hearts of students and staff there, who have helped raised money for her care. The dog, who is still recuperating from an all-day surgery on Friday, is in the care of SPAR — Saving Pets At Risk, reports the Shawnee (Okla.) News-Star.
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Pet Store Facing 70 Charges Over Sick Puppies
Humane-law officers have brought dozens of new charges, including felonies, against a Poughkeepsie Galleria pet store in an ongoing animal-cruelty investigation, according to the Dutchess County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The owner, district manager and several employees of Saddraqq Pets of Poughkeepsie — doing business as Pet Fashion in the town mall — will appear in court this month and on April 12 facing a total of 70 charges. They were arraigned in the Town of Poughkeepsie Court on Tuesday accused of selling contagiously ill puppies, providing inadequate veterinarian care and forging medical records, reports the Poughkeepsie Journal.
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