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Dog makes a getaway with stolen bone; ASPCA ad pulls in big money for dogs; and other news.

Dog Makes a Getaway With Stolen Bone
This special crime case involves a perpetrator, but in this scenario, it is a dog. Supermarket security video shows a canine crook taking a bone from the dog food aisle before making a four-legged getaway. The video is from Smith’s Food & Drug in Murray, Utah, The Associated Press reports.
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ASPCA Ad Pulls in Big Money for Dogs
Marie Bedford first saw what has become known as “The Ad” in nonprofit circles about a year and a half ago. “I saw it a couple of times and found I just had to respond,” Ms. Bedford, an actress living in Brooklyn, said. “It’s so moving.” The TV advertisement, for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, features heartbreaking photographs of dogs and cats scrolling across the screen while Sarah McLachlan, the Canadian singer-songwriter, croons the haunting song “Angel” in the background, The New York Times reports. Read now >>

Movie Crowds Adopt ‘Marley’ With $37M Weekend
Hollywood had a happy holiday with a huge Christmas weekend as movies from Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, and Adam Sandler all opened strongly. Aniston and Wilson’s dog tale “Marley & Me” debuted at No. 1 with $37 million in weekend ticket sales and a total of $51.7 million since opening Christmas Day, according to estimates Sunday from distributor 20th Century Fox. The holiday timing was ideal for a story about an adorable pup, said 20th Century Fox distribution executive Bert Livingston, The Associated Press reports.
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Coyotes Roam Ohio Cities, Suburbs, Attacking Pets
As coyotes attack pets in residential areas, more towns and villages are encouraging police officers and deer hunters to shoot the predators. The coyote population around Cincinnati has grown significantly in the past two decades, according to the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Coyotes have recently been spotted in several Cincinnati neighborhoods, and Indian Hill Police Chief Chuck Schlie said coyotes have killed three small dogs and four cats in the past year, The Associated Press reports.Read now >>

Life With Dog’s Best Friend
Merrill Markoe’s work keeps going to the dogs. Literally. As in her previous novel, “Walking in Circles Before Lying Down,” this one features dogs who talk to humans, providing most of the best lines in the work. The dogs of “Nose Down, Eyes Up” are far and away the most appealing characters, which Markoe, in the voice of her first-person narrator, a Malibu handyman and ne’er-do-well named Gil, pretty much owns up to in the first lines of the book. “If you ask me, most people are a pain . . .” It’s easy to imagine Markoe’s muses — think mongrel faces, shaggy fur, wagging tails and wet tongues, The Los Angeles Times reports.
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