The DogChannel Newswire (12-24-08)

World’s first cloned pet dog turns 1; Biden family going to the dogs one more time; and other news.

Biden Family Going to the Dogs One More Time
Doggone it -— that Obama team has a yen for man’s best friend. First, the president-elect promised his daughters a dog. Then Vice President-elect Joe Biden recently bought a purebred puppy from a kennel. Now the incoming vice president says he’s getting a second puppy -— this time from a pound, National Public Radio reports. Read now >>

World’s First Cloned Pet Dog Turns 1
With one ear flopped forward and her tongue dangling in anticipation of another item to fetch, Mira seemed like any other playful pup scampering around Eastwood Park in Tamalpais Valley. But proud owner Lou Hawthorne of Mill Valley, Calif. said Mira -— the world’s first cloned pet dog -— signals a new horizon in genetics. The Border Collie-Siberian Husky mix just turned 1 year old, the San Jose Mercury News (California) reports.
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Los Angeles County Firefighter: I Beat Dog to Defend Myself
A Los Angeles County assistant fire chief accused of beating a neighbor’s 6-month-old puppy with a rock, cracking her skull and damaging her eye, said this week that he acted in self-defense after the animal bit his thumb with what he called a “vise-like grip,” the Los Angeles Times reports.
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Coyote Calls Out Author’s ‘Wild Spirit’
For a little more than a year, writer/photographer Shreve Stockton has chronicled her life in Wyoming on her blog, The Daily Coyote, which gets more than 1 million hits a month. Why? She’s living with -— as in keeping in her house -— a young coyote named Charlie. She photographs him. She keeps a daily log. She adores him. Her new book, “The Daily Coyote: A Story of Love, Survival and Trust in the Wilds of Wyoming” (Simon & Schuster), arrives this month. USA TODAY chatted with Stockton, 31, from her home in Ten Sleep, Wyo. Read now >>

Dog Shot and Left for Dead is Going Home for Holidays
A Golden Retriever who was shot twice and left for dead has made a remarkable recovery and is headed home in time for Christmas. Orphan Annie, as members of the non-profit organization Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota named the 2-year-old dog, will be released from the intensive care unit at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Hospital on Wednesday, said Joan Barnes, a volunteer with the organization dedicated to providing a high quality of life for Golden Retrievers, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. Read now >> 

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