The DogChannel Newswire (12-02-10)

Show dogs stolen from California motel; exotic animal makeover for dogs in China; other news.

Exotic Animal Makeover Trend for Dogs Catching On in China
It is not unusual for pet owners in China to take their dogs to grooming parlors where they are not only given a shampoo and trim, but a multi-colored dye job as well. The latest craze has pet owners dyeing their dogs to resemble pandas, tigers and other exotic animals, the (U.K.) Daily Mail reports.

Two Missing Show Dogs Found, Two Still Missing
Show dog owners David Peek and Kristina Rickard are thrilled as can be to get two of their four dogs back after they were taken from a Bellflower, Calif., motel. The dogs were taken sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday morning when the show dogs’ owners van was stolen from the parking lot of a Motel 6. The dog owners had left the dogs in the van when they checked into the motel Monday night while in town for a dog show, KABC reports.

Kennel Cough Outbreaks Have Veterinarians on the Lookout for Canine Influenza
There has been a wave of kennel cough in the Phillipsburg, N.J., area, putting local vets on the lookout for the more dangerous canine influenza virus. The strain, H3N8, has been known about in horses for more than 40 years, but only recently made the jump to dogs, experts say. It was first spotted in 2004 among a group of Greyhounds,, reports.
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Mona the Mutt Makes the Perfect Dental Assistant
Tracy A. Taddey, a dentist for 12 years, and her dentist dad don’t try to kid themselves about the level of eagerness that accompanies most visitors entering their office. But now they have Mona, a little mutt who has been accompanying Taddey to the office every day for only a few months and word of her calmative powers has spread so fast that already about half of the patients ask that Mona hang with them during an exam or a procedure, USA Today reports.

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