The DogChannel Newswire (10-29-08)

Pound puppy becomes canine cop; dogs in costume; and other news.

Pound Puppy Becomes Canine Cop
A Polk County Sheriff’s deputy with a love for animals and crime-fighting rescued a dog from the pound and trained it to sniff out drugs. Deputy J.D. Maney says he was shot down by supervisors when he asked for a new drug-sniffing dog. The sheriff’s office could not afford the $5,000 expense. So Maney rescued a dog from the pound and trained it as a fully certified narcotics detection canine, ABC Action News (Fla.) reports.
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Some Fear Greyhound Racing Ban Could Kill Dog Shows
Nancy Fisk is a dog lover, but don’t dare call her an animal rights advocate. The longtime breeder and dog show exhibitor would like to see Greyhound racing continue — partly because she feels the dogs love it, partly because she fears its death could mean that dog shows and other competitions would get axed next, the Enterprise News (Mass.) reports.
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Dog Attacks Dog on Portland Bus
TriMet, which increased security following a series of high-profile assaults involving humans, is now faced with a brutal case of dog-on-dog violence. The attack happened late Sunday afternoon when Leroy Morley and his 50-pound Rottweiler mix were walking toward the front of the bus to exit in North Portland, said Peggy LaPoint, a spokeswoman for the mass transit agency. Marie Kelemen, the owner of the canine victim, said the bigger dog neither growled nor barked before breaking the neck of Buddy, the 7-pound Pomeranian that bled to death in her lap, The Associated Press reports.
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Oceanside Police Kill Pit Bull, Wound Suspect
Police in Oceanside, Calif., say their officers shot and wounded a man and killed his pit bull, The Associated Press reports.
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Dogs in Costume: Cute or Creepy?
Reporter Sharon Peters writes about how dogs in tutus or tuxedos make her queasy, and how she dreads Halloween, when otherwise sane adults wear witch outfits or Batman masks to work, and reasonably sane pet owners decide FooFoo is actually a four-legged child with a tail who should costume up for the night, USA Today reports. Read now >>

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