The DogChannel Newswire (10-15-10)

Black dogs, cats often overlooked; NYC budget cuts hurt homeless pets; other news.

Dog Who Saved Lives in Haiti Receives National Honor
A once-abandoned dog who helped save lives after the Haiti earthquake and a three-legged cat that inspired a series of children’s books have received national honors. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals announced its dog and cat of the year awards Monday. Both are one-time California castoffs, The Associated Press reports.
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New York City Budget Cuts Hurt Homeless Dogs and Cats
Homeless cats and dogs are the latest victims of New York City’s budget ax. The city is eliminating night and weekend hours for animal control officers who patrol city streets and pick up stray animals. And New York’s stray cats are almost completely on their own. The city will no longer answer calls to pick up cats unless they are injured or considered a public health emergency, the New York Daily News reports.
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Pet Insurance Might Be Right for Some
Consumers should have health insurance, but whether you should buy health insurance for your pet, usually for a dog or cat, is a different question. And it might have a different answer. It’s true that some pet treatments and surgeries can be expensive. But for many consumers, the question is whether buying pet insurance is a good bet, the Chicago Tribune reports.
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Black Dogs, Cats Often Overlooked
Animal shelter staff have been well aware of the phenomenon for years. They even have a name for it: Black Dog Syndrome and Black Cat Syndrome. Black dogs, particularly large black dogs, and black cats are more likely to be passed over for adoption and more likely to be euthanized than their lighter-colored counterparts, the St. Cloud Times reports.
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