The DogChannel Newswire (10-13-10)

Search for new pet leads to long-lost dog; iPhone app helps pudgy pets; other news.

Manhattan Dog Owners Want New Off-Leash Rules
A group of dog owners in Lower Manhattan says it is time for the city’s Parks Department to relax its rules and allow their pets to run free in Battery Park. In 2006, the city decided it would formally allow off-leash hours in several dozen parks — Central Park, Prospect Park and East River Park among them. But none of the parks in Lower Manhattan were included, The Tribeca Trib reports.
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Are Pets More Dangerous Than Texting While Driving?
A Connecticut man is blaming his dog for causing a fatal car crash. Brian Taplinger turned himself in for the April crash over the weekend, saying his Staffordshire Terrier mix jumped on his lap while he was driving, causing him to swerve and collide with a car driven by 70-year-old Geoffrey Reynolds, who later died from his injuries, The Gothamist reports.
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Search for New Pet Leads to Long-Lost Dog
Dana Klint was casually perusing the online adoption sites on Saturday looking for a buddy for her playful Siberian Husky. Then she stopped. It seemed impossible. The face of her beloved dog, Faith — who she hadn’t seen in more than two years because of a dispute with an ex-boyfriend — was staring back at her, KMBC Kansas City reports.
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iPhone App to Help Pudgy Pets
Accurately gauging the calories in pet food can be difficult. A new app developed at Cornell University offers a solution. The app, CU-PetHealth, addresses pet nutrition in much the same way as popular human nutrition mobile applications like Lose It! and Calorie Tracker. The user plugs in their pet’s daily caloric intake. The app takes into account lifestyle variables, and then judges the user’s nutrition allowances, Discovery News reports.
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