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Rufus still in high demand after 5 years; top tips for adopting a shelter dog; and other news.

Top Tips for Adopting a Shelter Dog
There are eight to 10 million homeless animals in shelters across the country and the cold, hard reality is that approximately half of them – four million – will not find homes and have to be euthanized. Shelters are a great place to find a great pet. You just need to do your homework, know what you’re looking for and ask the right questions, CBS News reports.
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Rufus Still in High Demand After 5 Years
Rufus is the most decorated Bull Terrier in the history of the breed, a celebrity ambassador and one of the busiest therapy dogs in the country. With his enduring popularity and hectic schedule of public appearances at age 10 (that’s 70 in dog years), he’s like the Betty White of the dog world, although at 88, she still has a few years on Rufus, The Associated Press reports.
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Cassius the Canine Hero
Cassius, when he’s working, finds people in wreckage. That is why the American Kennel Club just gave him its Humane Fund Award for Canine Excellence. He is one of five dogs to receive the award this year, but only he has sniffed out signs of life after the January earthquake in Haiti, in Sri Lanka following the 2004 tsunami, in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina flooded the city, The New York Times reports.
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Dogs Lend a Paw to Canadian Trauma Victims
Putting dogs to work to help people in the aftermath of traumatic scenarios is barking up the right tree, so to speak, say several working in the K9 realm in Alberta. Caber, a yellow Lab was put on the job recently in a Vancouver suburb – the nation’s first police trauma canine, The Toronto Sun reports.
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