The DogChannel Newswire (10-05-10)

More pets welcome at churches; helping a dog who’s afraid of thunder; and other news.

Owners Face Tough Choices on End-of-Life Care for Pets
Pets today routinely undergo complex medical procedures of the sort that used to be performed only on humans. Advances in veterinary medicine have made it possible for pets to live longer and more comfortably, but the treatments are costly. Owners of critically ill animals face wrenching decisions about where to draw the line, The Tennessean reports.
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Pets More Than Welcome at Some Churches
As churches across the country face declining attendance, creative ministries are being developed to bring people back into the fold. With 62 percent of U.S. households owning a pet, inviting people and pets to services is one way of doing that, the Chicago Tribune reports.
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How to Help a Dog Afraid of Thunderstorms
Does your dog become scared, anxious or generally stressed out when a thunderstorm hits? Many dogs truly suffer when their sensitive ears pick up the occasional sound of thunder. If your dog is one of those who suffer during thunderstorms, you can do something about it, but you must begin before storms arrive, The Baltimore Sun reports.
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Building a Happy Relationship With Your Dog
Meeting your dog’s basic needs and maintaining his quality of life are the foundation of building a happy relationship with your pup. No matter how busy life gets, being consistent about caring for your dog is extremely important. American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Director Mary Burch offers tips on how to achieve the best possible relationship with your family pet, the Sun Herald reports.
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