The DogChannel Newswire (1-18-11)

Dog soap opera character offends Venezuelan president; Martha Stewart injured by her dog; other news.

Venezuela Demands TV Soap Featuring Dog Called “Little Hugo” Is Dropped
President Hugo Chavez’s government has ordered a private television station to stop showing a Colombian soap opera featuring a troublesome dog called Little Hugo owned by a girl called Venezuela who feels better off without him. The country’s National Telecommunications Commission condemned the program for its “degrading treatment of Venezuela” and asked Televen to immediately stop broadcasting it, The Telegraph reports.
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Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz: Obama’s Dog Trainer Dies at 52
The animal lover who trained Bo for the Obama family, Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz, has passed away at 52 years old. It was reported that she was admitted at Fauquier Hospital, where she went into a coma and then died of respiratory distress. She trained animals for many of Washington’s political elite, including the families of the late senator Edward M. Kennedy and President Obama, Gather reports.
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Hundreds Use Social Networks to Search for Missing Dog
It’s been nearly two months since Maverick, an Irondequoit, N.Y., family’s Siberian Husky, escaped from his yard. Since then, dozens of people have seen a Husky matching his description, with special thanks to social networking for spreading the message. Maverick escaped the day after Thanksgiving. His owner, Joe Vara had posted for Maverick’s return on Craigslist and Facebook, where county residents have pledged $1,250 for the safe return of the 1-year-old dog, the Irondequoit Post reports.
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Martha Stewart Gets Injured By Her Own Dog
Martha Stewart must have gone through a shock when she got hurt because of her French Bulldogs. Because of the attack, her lips got split and it had happened when she was trying to kiss them. Martha kept her cool, called the hospital and put the dogs away. She was later sent to the emergency room, the French Tribune reports.
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