The DogChannel Newswire (09-24-10)

Laws block microchipped dog's return; dogs sniff out explosives in Afghanistan; other news.

Marine Dogs Sniff Out Explosives in Afghanistan
A corporal walked point ahead of the other troops headed back to base, checking the dusty road for bombs. The four-legged Marine in the lead — a black Labrador dog named Boone — has a good nose for explosives. So far on his first war-zone tour, he has found at least two bombs. As the Marines map out a broad strategy against roadside bombs, scores of dogs like Cpl. Boone have been deployed, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.
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Laws Block Microchipped Dog’s Return
A British man whose microchipped dog was stolen three years ago said the microchip provider is refusing to pass on the canine’s new address. Dave Moorhouse, 56, of Huddersfield, England, said his Jack Russell Terrier, Rocky, was stolen in January 2007 and the microchip provider, Anibase, refused to pass on the pet’s new address, claiming it would violate the Data Protection Act, United Press International reports.
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Natural Pet Foods May Not Always Be Best Choice
Pet owners need to be aware that natural foods aren’t always the best choice for their pets, says a Kansas State University veterinarian. Susan Nelson, an assistant professor of clinical services, notes that dogs and cats have specific nutritional needs that may not be met by some natural pet foods. To ensure a food meets a pet’s minimal nutritional requirements, owners should only buy products that carry at least one of two nutritional adequacy statements from the Association of American Feed Control Officials, HealthDay News reports.
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Pet Hazards in the Fall Garden
Fall is a busy time of year in the garden. It is a time when we harvest our fruit and vegetables, enjoy the late blooms of chrysanthemums and fall crocus and plant our spring garden bulbs. However, fall gardens can often pose a danger to our animal companions. Not only are these plants toxic to pets, but there are also other hazards for them in the fall garden, reports.
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