The DogChannel Newswire (09-15-10)

How animals made us human; pets power street lamps in Massachusetts; other news.

Money Flows to Missouri for Dog Breeding Measure
Most of the money behind a ballot measure to add new restrictions on Missouri dog breeders is coming from people and organizations outside Missouri. State campaign finance records show more than 90 percent of monetary and in-kind contributions supporting the Missouri measure have come from organizations based elsewhere and people living in other states, The Associated Press reports.
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Bladder Stones Can Be Just the Beginning for Dogs
Bladder stones are fairly common in dogs. They are less common in cats, and also occur in tortoises and iguanas. Bladder stones in dogs are most often composed of struvite or calcium oxalate crystals. The difference between them is that calcium oxalate stones like a more acid urine, struvites prefer a more alkaline urine, The Modesto Bee reports.
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How Animals Made Us Human
Not everyone is a dog person, of course; some people are cat people or horse people or parakeet people or albino ferret people. But human beings are a distinctly pet-loving bunch. What explains this yen to have animals in our lives? An anthropologist named Pat Shipman believes she’s found the answer: Animals make us human, The Boston Globe reports.
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Pets Power Street Lamps in Cambridge
A new initiative in Cambridge, Mass., looks to use dog waste to power a lamppost as a way to remind pet owners, and the general public, about untapped energy resources. The Park Spark Project is based on substituting the common trashcan and plastic bag with a public methane digester and biodegradable bag, so that the dog waste collected is converted into a usable form of energy, reports.
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