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Animal Shelters Fail State Inspections
Two North Carolina facilities fail state inspections; inspectors found the shelters didn’t safely house the dogs and cats. The infractions were related to sleeping arrangements, food storage and ventilation problems, The Wilmington (N.C.) Morning Star reports.
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Panhandler Loses Beloved Dog
When Tom Finley lived on the street, he and his beloved dog Reba spent their days collecting money for food and making friends along the way. A man told Finley he saw a woman run off with the aging dog while he was getting Reba food, The Chicago Sun-Times reports.
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Dog Food Prank Could Be Costly
Legal consultants warned the Los Angeles City Council that taxpayers risk being hit with a judgment of $7 million or more if the city loses a discrimination lawsuit brought by a black firefighter who was fed a firehouse spaghetti dinner secretly laced with dog food, the Los Angeles Times reports.
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New York Store Features Three-Legged Dog
The shadowed icon of a three-legged dog that appears on T-shirts and the shopping bags at John Bartlett’s new store is not a misprint. That’s his shepherd-Rottweiler mix, an unmistakable sight when he hops along the streets of the West Village on one front paw, The New York Times reports.
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Therapy Dogs Help Brighten Hospital Stays
Therapy dogs can be beneficial to people in hospitals and other stressful situations. The animals have to possess certain traits to be well suited for the job, The Arizona Republic Reports.
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