The DogChannel Newswire (09-10-10)

Dogs "vote” for Washington, D.C., mayor; one in four would borrow for pets; and other news.

Dogs ‘Vote’ for Washington, D.C., Mayor
The Washington Humane Society is conducting a “paw poll” to let dogs cast their votes for D.C. mayor. The poll was conducted Thursday morning at a dog park in northwest Washington. Bone-shaped biscuits marked with each of the two leading Democrats’ names were placed in front of the dogs, and they cast their vote by choosing which one to eat, The Associated Press reports.
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Hoarded Dogs Sent to Colorado Humane Society
Until last week, a crowded, feces-laden shed on a lonely Montana farm was home to nearly 100 dogs. Although the dogs’ owner had good intentions, he was incapable of caring for all of his 95 animals and they were removed from his care. On Sunday, three Australian Shepherds were taken to the Larimer Humane Society in Colorado to be put up for adoption. The other 92 dogs were sent to other shelters in Colorado and Montana, The Coloradoan reports.
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Pfizer, American Kennel Club Partner for Canine Health Research
Pfizer Inc. said Wednesday its animal health unit and the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation entered an exclusive partnership on new areas of research on dog diseases and treatments. Pfizer said the goal is to strengthen efforts to prevent, treat and cure canine disease, but the research eventually could lead to medicines for people as well, The Associated Press reports.
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One in Four Would Borrow Money for Pets
One in four people in Britain would be prepared to take on debt in order to pay for veterinary treatment for their pet, a survey has suggested. Around 24 percent of people said they would get into debt to pay for treatment for their pet – three times more than those who said they would consider having the animal put down, according to Tesco Bank, The (U.K.) Press Association reports.
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