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Certain exercises benefit arthritic dogs; D.C. taxis pass by people with guide dogs; other news.

Certain Exercises Benefit Arthritic Dogs
Certain types of exercise may help ease stiffness and pain in dogs with arthritis, a new study suggests. Using a special treadmill and a computer program, Austrian researchers concluded that walking downhill doesn’t appear to provide much benefit but walking uphill and climbing over low obstacles could both help dogs with arthritis, HealthDay reports.
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Pets Rescued After Katrina Thriving in Chicago
Val is one of the lucky ones. He could easily have drowned when Hurricane Katrina washed across the Gulf Coast and flooded New Orleans. The rescued included an estimated 8,500 abandoned pets. Val was among them. The yellow Labrador was found roaming the streets of the devastated city. Along with scores of other pets in need of new homes, he wound up in the Chicago area, the Chicago Tribune reports.
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South Florida Dogs Have Own Day Camp
The yellow school bus makes its rounds, picking up one eager passenger after another en route to day camp. Small legs quickly climb the stairs, heads pop out of bus windows and excitement rises. Each of these day campers has four legs and a tail and many wag those tails rapidly as the “Doggie Bus” pulls up at a southwest Miami camp created just for canines — Totally Dog, The Associated Press reports.
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D.C. Drivers Pass by People With Guide Dogs
In a study by a civil rights watchdog group, taxi drivers in the District of Columbia often drove past blind people who were trying to hail a cab while accompanied by guide dogs. The Equal Rights Center, in a report released Wednesday morning, said it conducted 30 tests earlier this year and that in half of the tests, drivers passed a man or woman with a guide dog to pick up a person who did not have a guide dog, The Washington Post reports.
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