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Seven Labor Day dog dangers to avoid; inspection dogs keep agricultural pests at bay; other news.

Inspection Dogs Keep Agricultural Pests at Bay
While detection dogs are well-known for finding drugs or missing people, their role in identifying agricultural contraband is as unnoticed as it is critical. They are the first line of defense against light-brown apple moths, Asian citrus psyllids or any number of other pests that could upend San Diego County’s $1.5 billion farm economy, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.
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Dogs Adjust Lion Cubs to Live at Animal Sanctuary
Dogs and cats are known to be enemies, but at a Colorado animal sanctuary two lion cubs’ survival is in the paws of a pack of rescue dogs. Butchie the Bulldog and Wally the cat – along with a half-dozen others – are teachers of a pair of homeless cubs who were only a few months old when they were found by Canadian police during a drug raid, NBC News reports.
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Seven Labor Day Dog Dangers to Avoid
Ready to end summer with a bang? Labor Day celebrations are so much fun but there are added dangers for your pooch. The Huffington Post offers tips on what dangers to avoid – including sunburns, heat stroke, mosquito bites and more – so your dog stays healthy and happy all weekend long.
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Size Matters in Canine Smarts
There are theories galore about why some dog breeds appear to be smarter than others, but new research suggests that size alone might make a difference. According to a recent study, all larger dogs appear to be better at following pointing cues from humans than smaller dogs, which makes them appear smarter, Discovery News reports.
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