The DogChannel Newswire (08-27-10)

Planning for pets critical to hurricane survival; Nebraska program helps find lost pets; and other news.

Planning For Pets Critical to Hurricane Survival
Every pet owner must include their pet as they plan for when a storm threatens. The Mississippi Coast now has pet-friendly shelters that owners and pets can evacuate to in case of danger. Those are limited and require early preparation, so pet owners are urged to confirm that a shelter will take both them and their pets, The (Biloxi-Gulfport, Miss.) Sun Herald reports.
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Dog DNA May Hold Secrets to Human Psychiatric Conditions
Stymied in the search for genes underlying human neuropsychiatric diseases, some researchers are looking to dogs instead. Thanks to 200 years of selective breeding, dogs have a bevy of breed-specific behaviors, and their genomes make it relatively easy to track down the genes responsible for certain afflictions, Nature News reports.
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California Passes Bill Barring Forced Pet Declawing
California lawmakers have approved a bill that would prohibit landlords from requiring tenants to declaw or devocalize their pets in order to move in. The state Assembly on Thursday passed the bill, sending it to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The bill’s author, Assemblyman Pedro Nava, says it is unconscionable for landlords to require pet owners to subject their animals to permanent surgeries as a condition of tenancy, The Associated Press reports.
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Nebraska Program Hopes to Reunited Owners and Lost Pets
In hopes of helping pet owners reunite with their dogs and cats, Jan Berry of Erna R. Badstieber Paws & Claws Adoption Center in Columbus, Neb., has started “Velcro Alert.” Named after her beloved pooch, the Velcro Alert will send out e-mail messages and photos to people in the community of missing pets and animals taken into the adoption center, The Columbus (Neb.) Telegram reports.
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