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What your dog says about you; teen wants service dog to play basketball; and other news.

Teen Wants Service Dog to Play Basketball
A federal lawsuit claims a suburban Chicago high school and Special Olympics are barring a girl with cerebral palsy from playing basketball with other disabled students. The advocacy group Equip for Equality sued Monday on behalf of Jennifer Youngwith, who uses a service dog named Simba to carry a four-pound oxygen tank she needs, the Chicago Tribune reports.
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Dogs Keep Their Genes on a Short Leash
Great Danes stretch more than a meter from paw to shoulder and can easily weigh more than 90 kilograms. A Chihuahua fits snugly inside a purse. Domestic dog breeds are more varied in body size and shape — not to mention coat color and length — than any other land-based mammal. Yet, according to a new study, a mere two to six regions in doggie DNA account for most of this diversity, Science reports.
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Weather Service Helps Determine How Pets Will Fare
If you need help deciding what time it’s safe to take your dog on a walk or play with your cat in the yard, you can go online for that. offers a new service called Personal Petcast to determine how pets will fare in the weather expected for the next few days, The Oregonian reports.
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What Your Dog Says About You
They say that the longer a pet owner lives with his cat, dog or other furry friend, the more the owner starts to look like the pet. But it’s also true that a person’s relationship with her pet affects — and reflects — what’s beneath the skin. For instance, the type of dog you own says a lot about your personality. If your puppy’s active or lazy, smart or dull, chances are decent you share some of those attributes, Forbes reports.
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