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Rescuers mourn deaths of abused Greyhounds; pet’s status may depend on where you live; other news.

Dog From ‘Unlivable’ House Gets a New Home
Dexter has lived in three places this month, but Sunday’s move to his new home could be his last. He was one of 50 animals taken from a house in Redford, Mich., earlier this month. Mutts & Mutts Rescue League received 12 of the dogs, and Dexter is the first to leave its care, the Detroit Free Press reports.
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Dog’s Family Status May Depend on Where You Live
A pet’s status in a family may be influenced by where the owners live, new research suggests. People who regard pets as children tend to have a city background, for example, while those in rural areas have a more practical attitude, said study author David Blouin, of Indiana University, HealthDay reports.
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Rescuers Mourn Deaths of Abused Greyhounds at Service
The language was somber, the tears heartfelt. Candles were lit and extinguished to honor victims of unspeakable abuse: Braden, Rachael, Martin and Pudge. And nobody at Sunday’s memorial service thought it odd that they were mourning Greyhounds. The unusual service was held for four of 28 starving and disease-ridden dogs, almost all Greyhounds, taken into custody last month from a house in Fort Worth, Texas, the Dallas Morning News reports.
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Cell Phone-Sniffing Dog Debuts in Wales
In the United Kingdom, South Wales Police are ringing the changes with Wales’ first canine mobile phone detector. Max, a Springer Spaniel, has been trained to pick up the scent of phones in prison, which officers say are a growing security threat. The dog can detect all mobile phone parts, including SIM cards and batteries, BBC News reports.
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