The DogChannel Newswire (08-11-10)

Dog seeks help after owner collapses; El Paso tables pet ordinance until October; and other news.

Dog Seeks Help After Owner Collapses
A small dog who refused to return home until a neighbor followed her helped rescue her owner after he collapsed at home following heart surgery. Charles Mitchell said he was working in his yard last week in the Oregon wine country town of Yamhill when an 11-year-old Dachshund named Missy scampered up and refused to leave, The Associated Press reports.
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Pit Bulls Bound for Dogfighting in Mexico Rescued in California
A routine traffic stop of a cargo van in Buena Park, Calif., led to the rescue of a dozen pit bulls who were headed to Mexico for dogfighting, police reported. The dogs were turned over to the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority, which traced many of the pit bulls through their implanted chips back to “notorious dogfighters,” FOX News reports.
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El Paso Tables Pet Ordinance Until October
On Tuesday, the El Paso City Council voted to table a controversial ban on dog and cat sales in the city until October. The proposal, which would have prevented pet stores and unregistered breeders from selling dogs and cats in El Paso, was put off until October 5, reports.
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Tibetan Mastiffs Enjoy Growing Popularity in China
The stuff of legend, the Tibetan Mastiff is considered the guardian dog of the former Himalayan kingdom of Tibet and reputed to be the original source of many large dog breeds today. In recent years, as China’s middle class has expanded and dogs have become more popular household pets, the appeal of Tibetan Mastiffs has grown exponentially, MSNBC reports.
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