The DogChannel Newswire (08-10-10)

Tips for flying with a pet; why pet food may be making kids sick; and other news.

Tips for Flying With Your Pet
Pet owners may be rethinking flying with their furry companions after seven dogs died last week after traveling in the cargo hold of an American Airlines flight to Chicago. A veterinarian’s No. 1 one piece of advice? Ask yourself if it is really necessary to take your pets at all, CNN reports.
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How Pet Food May Be Making Children Sick
Many of us consider our pet cats and dogs so much a part of the family that we share everything from couch space to kitchen space. It seems the spaces we share may harbor bacteria hazardous to our health. A new study published Monday in Pediatrics suggests that some young children of pet owners may get salmonella poisoning just by touching surfaces that come into contact with dry cat and dog food, ABC News reports.
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Washington Crews Rescue Dog Who Fell Over Cliff
Search teams have rescued a dog that fell at least 100 feet down a cliff in Washington’s Cascade Mountains. Rescuers had to hike about nine miles on the Pacific Crest Trail to reach the German Shorthaired Pointer. The dog’s owner Mike Garrity called for help late Thursday after the dog ran across an ice field and slid over the edge, landing on an outcropping below, The Associated Press reports.
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Missouri’s Puppy-Breeding Industry Needs Accountability
Officials in Missouri believe hundreds of breeders are operating outside the state’s licensing and inspection system. A massive signature-gathering effort financed by animal rights groups has succeeded in placing a proposed constitutional amendment on the Nov. 2 statewide ballot that seeks to toughen Missouri’s regulations and enforcement of businesses that keep 10 or more female dogs at a time for breeding, the Kansas City Star reports.
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