The DogChannel Newswire (08-06-10)

Indiana lawmaker helps rescued dogs; one in five don’t walk their dogs in Britain; other news.

Dogs Displaced by Gulf Spill Headed for New Jersey
Over 100 dogs, displaced and abandoned by their families, are heading to New Jersey in the hopes of finding a new home. In response to overcrowding animal shelters on the Gulf Coast, shelters across the U.S. have opened their doors to Louisiana’s relinquished pets, NBC New York reports.
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Helping Our Dogs Be All They Can Be
Increasingly, pets are getting mental workouts as research touts the intelligence of dogs big and small, as well as the benefits of stimulating play: Smart pets behave better. They’re in tune with their natural instincts. And, like precocious children, bright pooches give their owners bragging rights, The Philadelphia Inquirer reports.
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Lawmaker Drives Rescued Dogs From Indiana to New England
An Indiana lawmaker who fought for legislation regulating large-scale puppy breeding operations is spending time driving rescued dogs from Indiana to New England. Democratic Rep. Linda Lawson of Hammond is transporting dogs as part of the Canine Express Transport Project, The Associated Press reports.
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One in Five Don’t Walk Their Dogs in Britain
One in five British dog owners don’t give their pets a daily walk, a new study has shown. The findings follow the revelation that a third of dogs are now overweight in Britain – and that nearly half could die early because of obesity related illness within a few years. The survey of 1,000 dog owners carried out by the Kennel Club also revealed that one in three dog owners are themselves overweight, the Daily Mail reports.
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